Wes Baker

#RPGaDAY2020 Day 7: Couple

August 7th, 2020

A couple of supplies and a couple of books. That’s the dream. I’d love to have one book and one set of dice that I keep with me at all times, wherever I go that I know back and forth that I can pull out whenever I want to run a game. However, I have the attention span of a goldfish and the willpower of a mosquito. Which means I have every Free League game out there, I buy most of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition books, I dive into whatever new OSR book is out there. I jump between Science Fiction, Fantasy, then Post-Apocalyptic, now Investigative Horror, how about Cyberpunk? Wait, what happened to just having a couple of games?

So, yes. I admit that I have a lot of RPGs and I like having all of them, but some days I wish I had just a couple of slim books that I knew like the back of my hand that I could run at a moment’s notice. But I heard there’s a new Kickstarter coming out and it looks pretty sweet…