Wes Baker


I get no emails about what I use, but I love bikeshedding about tools. Here’s what I’m currently using.

Editor & Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code is my editor. A younger me would be horrified that I was both using and enjoying a Microsoft product
  • I mostly use Wes Bos’s Cobalt2 themes everywhere.
  • I use Operator Mono for my editor font everywhere.
  • I use iTerm2 for my terminal. I tried using Hyper, but had a number of performance issues that are likely unique to anyone using a terminal where there are thousands of lines being added every minute.

Desktop Apps

  • I live by Alfred and have made a number of workflows for it.
  • I use Apple Reminders and Calendar in concert with timeblock planning.
  • I use InstaRemind to create reminders when I'm at my desk.
  • All Most of my notes go into Bear.
  • My notes from meetings and 1:1s go into Agenda. It's a great way to tie notes to calendar events and have a chronological record of meeting notes.

Other Apps

This is a mish-mash of web applications and iOS applications as the lines blur.

  • Apollo is my Reddit client. I try not to spend a lot of time on social media, but I like Reddit's focused communities and I can almost always find someone talking about some esoteric thing there. I also sell my used RPG books and board games there.
  • CARROT Weather makes me laugh and keeps me dry when (if?) I leave the house.
  • Day One houses over 3000 of my journal entries. I write at least once daily (and usually twice daily to jot down what I did at work that day).
  • GitHub should be obvious to anyone who writes code. I can remember signing up for their paid subscription a long, long time ago because I wanted to do my little part to keep them around. They're owned by Microsoft now, so I suspect they don't need my help, but they offer so much for so little. Almost all my public repositories with automated testing or linting use GitHub Actions for free.
  • Instapaper helps me save things I want to read later.
  • Opener lets me open links in various iOS applications without jumping around.
  • Overcast is my podcast app of choice.
  • Paprika is where I keep our ~1500 recipes, our meal plan for this week, and our grocery list.
  • Personal Capital is how I keep up-to-date with all my finances in one place: cash accounts, credit accounts, loans, investments. It's all there.
  • Raindrop.io is my bookmarking app of choice. Long ago I used Delicious, then moved to Pinboard, and then to Raindrop. It's nicer looking than Pinboard and has an official client. I got tired of waiting for the third-party Pinboard clients to care again.
  • Readwise aggregates highlights from a bunch of places (namely Kindle and Instapaper) and sends me a number of highlights to review every day. I can also create flashcards with the goal of retaining what I read.
  • Reeder is my RSS reader of choice. It beats scrolling through Twitter or Facebook.
  • Subtrack helps me keep track of all my subscriptions.
  • Tripsy helps me and my wife setup trip plans and save relevant documents and reservations.
  • Working Copy is for when I need to edit something in a repository when I'm not at a computer.
  • YNAB helps my wife and I keep our budget in alignment with our goals.


I started off tracking what I read through Goodreads and enjoy having that record, I've since expanded it to other media:

Content Blockers

The internet is a terrible place full of ads, cookie notifications, and other detritus. I try to remove as much of that as possible.


I've started down the road of home automation and I had started with Google Assistant, but recently moved over to HomeKit with the purchase of a HomePod and two HomePod Minis.

The repositories

You can see the rest of what I'm using in my dotfiles repository. It's probably most interesting to look at the Brewfile.

I’m a programmer who lives in Fredericksburg, VA. I enjoy board games, puzzles, and making things work. When I’m not in front of a screen of some sort, I’m probably spending time with my wife, my sons, my animals, my board games, or my books. Check out what I’m up to now or see what tools I’m currently using.