Wes Baker

#RPGaDAY2020 Day 22: Rare

August 22nd, 2020

Magic items, ones that really change the game up and make things easier, should be rare. Now, that doesn’t mean that the party only sees one for the entire campaign, but if they’re drowning in loot like it’s a game of Diablo III, you’re probalby missing the point. Additionaly, boring magic items should be rare, but interesting magic items–the kind that have upsides and downsides–should be less rare. Getting a Sword, +2 shouldn’t happen that often, but maybe in their first outing they find a sword that sings when the person holding it lies. Maybe they get a shield that can never get wet. Or is it a rope that can be rejoined after being cut. Weird magic items where the players have to think about how to use them are usually more fun than a sword that just makes it easier to hit and does a smidge more damage. Make boring items rare.