Wes Baker

Blights of the Eastern Forest Rumor Table and Loot

October 24th, 2018

As part of [my review for Sky ov Crimson Flame]({% post_url 2018-10-24-sky-ov-crimson-flame %}), I mentioned that I wanted to make a rumor table and roll up some loot for the Blights of the Eastern Forest hex crawl. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Warning: If I’m your GM, stop reading now.

Rumor Table

1d20 Rumor
1 Deep in the woods life a creature older than the forest itself, capable of bestowing great strength upon those that defeat it.
2 A creature from times unknown guards a kings random of treasure, but beware its cunning, it’s been fooled before.
3 Blood runs deep within the forest, spreading death and destruction by corrupting the flora into fauna.
4 A Chaos Lord lives and breathes under wrathful trees, cleanse the forest to appease the gods.
5 A corrupted sorceress commands her domain of the western part of the forest, any who enter are never seen from again.
6 Children are being stolen from their beds at night, never to be seen again.
7 At night, travelers have seen translucent bears of many colors in the glen near the river’s fork.
8 A merchant saw bones floating on their own accord while a haunting march was sung all around him.
9 A king’s betrothed healed all of those who would lay down their arms and sacrifice that which enabled their crimes.
10 Twelve spheres were set aside for the greater good.
11 A knight and his squire live through eternal torment, chained to that which they protected to their death.
12 Many shields were forsaken at this sacred site, but only one heals as if it were its former keepers.
13 The Wrook sees all that happens in the woods, beware of the creature with the golden orbs for eyes.
14 Some say all treasure lost in the woods is taken by the Wrook, but beware his murder.
15 Black birds beware, an uneasy alliance has been formed and the pact kept.
16 A golden stag wanders the forest, surveying his domain, bow to him and his protection is yours.
17 The woods will not suffer a bladed weapon, bear only those that fell no trees.
18 A flying pig?! I’ll believe it when I see it.
19 Fires have a strange way of pulling you in and seeing something that isn’t there, dontcha think?
20 Fae creatures roam the river’s edge at night, drowning children and young lovers.

Magic Shield at the Sactuary of the Sightless Sisters

I didn’t love the idea that the golden shield wasn’t slightly magical, so I used the Weapon and Amror enchantment generator from Last Gasp Grimoire and rolled that it’s a “Shield of Trimuph” which heals 1hp per HD slain which sorta kinda fits in with the whole healing sanctuary thing. It probably needs a downside though…

Magic Axe in The Wrook’s Hut

The Wrook’s Hut is supposed to have some magic items, but the party should already have a sword from Sky ov Crimson Flame, so I wanted a different weapon. I decided on an axe and used the sentient sword generator from Dungeon Crawl Classics and mostly rolled low, but I like what I came up with.

Battleaxe, two hands, 1d10 damage
+1 to attacks and damage
Wielder can cast Detect Magic twice a day
Fey Bane, causes painful wounds to fey creatures, inflicts an additional 1d4 damage