Wes Baker

Review: Doom of the Savage Kings

November 19th, 2018

Cover of Doom of the Savage Kings

This adventure offers three things: a nicely fleshed out town with a serious problem that needs to be dealt with soon and a lingering sense of paranoia, a small dungeon filled with traps, tricks, and a fight or two filled with surprises, and a “boss” monster that must be researched before taking it on.

Everything in that list is exciting to me. As a judge I’m happy with the maps and descriptions, but I felt that the connection between the burial mound and the town could be more obvious. Make sure you feed your players plenty of rumors as they ask around and make sure those rumors should include the tomb. Make sure they get heard and make sure the players hear about the spear and shield.

Beyond that, I dig it and I feel like I could easily reuse all of these elements in different games. The town is a great example of a town that has a timely problem and doesn’t just open the doors for adventurers. The tomb is a great little dungeon, a good example of something that requires more thought than just kicking down the door and barging in. The hound makes your players think and penalizes them for (again) just rushing in. I can’t wait to try this one.